Planum Immanentia spatial digital24




Collective works guided by (ab)Normal Studio, as part of The Self Observing Landscape, an Architectural Association research project in the Orobic Alps (UK/IT). 

A site of discovery becomes an interface of speculative archaeology, in which we uncover other forms of being-conscious. Investigating formation of language within environments, the gaze of digital scanning and AI processing become co-author, interpreting symbolic order via imaging. 

The Plane of Immanence (Deleuze + Guattari, 91) is a non-dualistic space where all entities, concepts, and experiences exist equally – a continuum of forces and becoming, devoid of transcendent structures. The ‘plane’ beckons us to peer into the mirror of our existence, confronting the ever-evolving landscapes of our understanding, and reshape our relationship with the world around us.

Exhibition presented soon in Milan, bridges digital and physical spaces with multimedia works; an interactive game experience is also hosted online, coupled with an exploratory archive of images, text and sculpture.

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